List of Antifascist Prisoners

Daniel Baker

Daniel Baker is a US army veteran and former YPG sniper, who fought Daesh/ISIS in Rojava. Upon his return home, he volunteered as a street medic and attended many Black Lives Matter demonstrations. In 2021, after the attempted insurrection at the U.S. capitol, Daniel called on Floridians to defend the state capitol from possible attack by the far-right. The FBI used this to build a case of “threats” and “inciting violence” against Dan, railroading him in court in May 2021.
Dan’s support group is posting updates & support information on their Instagram:
You can write Dan here:
Daniel Alan Baker
FDC Tallahassee
501 Capitol Circle NE
Tallahassee, Florida
USA 32301

Gage Halupowski

Gage was arrested at a counter demonstration against a far-right rally in Portland, Oregon on June 29th, 2019 and accepted a non-cooperation plea deal, pled guilty to an assault charge, and was sentenced to nearly six years in prison.

In addition to being anti-fascist, Gage is also radical environmentalist and an anarchist. So, discussing history,  politics or the ideologies of those movements as well could be a good place to start. He is also a fan of the fantasy novel series, The Wheel of Time and looks forward to reading all 12 books in the series while he’s in, so if you’ve read those or would like to he’d love to discuss them with you

Write to: Gage Halupowski #21894460 Snake River Correctional Institution 777 Stanton Blvd. Ontario, Oregon 97914-83305

Rodrigo Lanza

Rodrigo Lanza is an antifascist from Chile. In December of 2017, Rodrigo was out with friends at a bar in Spain when they were approached by a man who began insulting Rodrigo, calling him “sudaka” (a derogatory term for Latin Americans) and telling him to go back to his country. As Rodrigo attempted to leave the bar, Victor Lainez, a member of the fascist Falange group with many friends in the local fascist scene, pulled a knife. Rodrigo defended himself and in the ensuing fight, Lainez was killed.

In November 2019, Rodrigo was sentenced to five years in prison.

Rodrigo understands Spanish and simple English phrases. Write to him at:

Rodrigo Lanza
PO Box 33044
Ronda Universitat 23
Barcelona, Spain

The Network Ten

In 2017, Russian FSB agents arrested six anti-fascists as they played airsoft in the woods. After several documented torture sessions that included protracted beatgins and electrocution, FSB agents arrested four more anti-fascists and fabricated a terror cell called “the Network” to prosecute the ten anti-fascists for belonging to.

Two of the arrestees cooperated with the state, signed confessions, and provided information to implicate the other arrestees. Of the remaining arrestees, six have been convicted and received very severe prison sentences while two await trial.

The arrestees in need of support are:

Clockwise from top left: Andrey Chernov, Ilya Shakurskiy, Yuliy Boyarshinov, Mikhail Kulkov
From top left: Maxim Ivankin, Viktor Filinov, Vasiliy Kuksov, Dmitry Pchelintsev

Details about the arrestees are available in English, German, Polish, and Russian on their support group’s website. Donations to help with their legal costs and to support their families can be made here. We have addresses for six of the eight remaining arrestees, who are accepting mail in Russian only (letters that are not in Russian will not be accepted)

Andrey Chernov Adress: SIZO-1, 440039 Russia, Penzenskaya obl., Penza, ulitsa Karakozova 30, Chernov Andrey Sergeevich, 1989

Ilya Shakurskiy Adress: SIZO-1, 440039 Russia, Penzenskaya obl., Penza, ulitsa Karakozova 30, Shakurskiy Ilya Alexandrovich, 1996

Yuliy Boyarshinov Adress: SIZO-3 FSIN, 191123 Russia, St. Petersburg, ul. Shpalernaya 25, Boyarshinov Yuliy Nikolayevich , 1991

Viktor Filinkov Adress: SIZO-3 FSIN, 191123 Russia, St. Petersburg, ul. Shpalernaya 25, Filinkov Victor Sergeevich, 1994

Vasiliy Kuksov Adress: SIZO-1, 440039 Russia, Penzenskaya obl., Penza, ulitsa Karakozova 30, Vasiliy Alekseevich Kuksov, 1988

Dmitriy Pchelintsev Adress: 440042, Penza, ul. Molodogvardeyskaya, 9, PKU IK No. 4, PFRSI, Pchelintsev Dmitriy Dmitrievich, 1992

“Operation Panic” Arrestees

After an attack on a fascist-run bookstore and a police station in Florence, Italy, authorities rounded up 40 people. After a lengthy court process, three people – Giovanni “Giova” Ghezzi, Salvatore “Ghespe” Vespertino, and Pierloreto “Paska” Fallanca – were convicted and are presently serving their sentences.

Their support group is providing updates here. You can find information about how to send contributions to Giova, Ghespe, and Paska here.

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